Monday, September 16, 2013

Busy Bee

The last few months have been pretty busy, and though I haven't been as productive as this fine fellow working away at our weeping cherry tree, it feels like lots has been going on. Our very, very mild winter has well and truly ended, with spring on show everywhere with fine displays of blossoms and new leaf growth. Of course, there are aberrations to the pattern, with today being cold and cloudy and promising rain, which our newly blooming garden desperately needs.

One of the most enjoyable things which happened recently for me was receiving a beautiful hand-woven jacket from my lovely friend Lurdes in Portugal. Lurdes has been developing her weaving skills on an old loom, and the amount of talent, dedication and work involved staggers me. She often writes of her projects on her blog, which always gives a wonderful glimpse into her life and creative endeavours.

Here is a picture of the jacket, taken on a very windy winter day up at Sunset Rock at Wentworth Falls. I am going to make some buttons for it, hopefully very soon, though every time I plan to start something new crops up to delay me. Lurdes very kindly made the jacket green on my request, sourcing some fantastic old wool from around Lisbon, and I like to think of it as my Link jacket. The buttons I am planning are going to be triforces. I was very much looking forward to finding it in my Wind Waker postbox, but sadly the postie brought it up to my door instead.

Having just been at Canberra for a market recently, the next one for me isn't for another month or so, on Sunday October 20th.

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