Saturday, March 9, 2013

Breaking news

I was scheduled to have my next stall at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra tomorrow, 10th March, and I've been busily working away getting pieces made. However, due to a freak accident involving my car's windscreen, I don't have any means of travelling there. So my next market will be on the 14th April. In the interim I will be putting more pieces up on to my Etsy shop.
In other breaking news, I've replaced part of the roof of our house, finally put a roof over our entryway, grown an apparently rare and desirable passionfruit that has turned out to be a noxious weed that is plaguing Hawaii and New Zealand, failed to complete Master rankings in Nintendoland in Zelda, Pikmin and Metroid (despite diligent effort) and after years of printing out and cutting my own business cards have actually had some professionally printed. For the last item, it's a bit disappointing, as this was to be my first market with them... Just for the sake of getting them out into the world, here is what they look like:


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