Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hybrid homepage

After changing my internet service provider again I got tired of shifting my old website on to a new storage space, so I've combined most of the content of the old site with the poor, neglected blog for posting market dates to end up with this. It's a fair bit further into the 21st century than the old site, and I guess my archaic version of Dreamweaver which I used to create and maintain that can now finally rest in peace. All the coding and whatnot gets handled automatically, and though I lose a lot of control of what I can and can't do, it means everything works on modern browsers and mobile devices. Almost everything! For some reason the Mini Etsy widget thingy on the right of the page won't work on my PC, and none of the items in my Etsy shop appear. I'd blame Chrome for that, but the widget works using Chrome on a tablet, so who knows?
Another feature of this new setup which isn't perfect is my own fault. For the purposes of providing samples of the work, I've simply put links to current and older pieces on my Etsy shop. The blogger format doesn't really suit having multiple single pages of samples, and the changing nature of the Etsy links makes things a little more interesting. It also saves me some work! However, whenever I put the Etsy shop on vacation (which happens when I have a market stall to avoid the risk of selling a piece both in person and online), the links only lead to an announcement that my shop is temporarily closed. It's a pretty minor issue, though, and I hope anyone kind enough to click through at such times won't be too inconvenienced.
To mark the changeover to another new site, I've dug out a couple of images from the first website I set up for myself, many years ago. I seem to recall the site didn't work at all at first, since I hadn't uploaded any of the images to the server... and some kind person wrote to me telling me that nothing was visible. It also didn't cope well with different screen resolution sizes. But I enjoyed making it, and ended up knowing a reasonable amount about good old Dreamweaver 4. All fairly useless now of course, but there you go. One notable thing about the Home button image below: it was the very first piece of jewellery I ever made. Actually, the second when I think about it; the first was a plain silver ring, which was the task I had been given by my teacher to learn the basics of metalwork. But the dragon brooch was the first piece I designed and made under my own steam.

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