Friday, December 7, 2012

Still Life with Elephants

It's finally December and the end of the year has been the usual hectic runaround of trying to make jewellery for the Christmas markets. It's been three weeks since the last market, and I've been busy busy busy making things to keep my market stall suitably stocked for the Saturday/Sunday double whammy which is coming up this weekend. It's getting into late afternoon on Friday, and I've only just finished polishing. Here's a look at what three weeks of my life can look like:
Looks like more in real life! Maybe just because I can feel the time it took for each one...
The musical accompaniment for many of these came from Lily and King, a duo that I heard on the radio and subsequently purchased their album "Medication". I'm completely hooked!
OK, so another two markets this weekend (Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th) and then a final one for the year on Sunday 23rd at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

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