Friday, October 17, 2014

Welcome aboard

Well, since I've proven I can't be trusted to post entries here in anything under a geological time span, here is a short run down on me, my work, and where you will be able to find me.
I've been making jewellery since 1996. I studied metal working in an Adult Education programme with the wonderful Stephen Leuckel, now sadly deceased, on the far north coast of New South Wales, Australia, and continued to learn through hands-on experience in the years following. Just by chance Stephen suggested I incorporate brass into the first piece I ever designed and made, and that started my practice of combining different metals into my work. Generally I use a combination of sterling silver, brass and copper, but I also use yellow, rose and white gold upon request.
Originally my designs were mainly influenced by my studies and very short career in archaeology, and by my long-time addiction to fantasy literature. These aspects still pervade my work, and have been added to by other interests such as astronomy, physics, anime, the ocean, geology, Nintendo video games, mythology, folk tales, science fiction, the beautiful World Heritage National Park that I live in and, as may be obvious to some, my cat. Each piece I make is uniquely designed and entirely hand made, although with the passage of years it is inevitable that certain obvious themes, such as a chicken talking to a donkey or a cat landing on the moon, will appear in various forms.
I started doing markets in Sydney at the Balmain Markets in 1997, before moving to Glebe Markets where I had a stall for something like 12 years. A long time! After a bit of a break I started running a stall most months at the Old Bus Depot Market in Canberra. I like the market there a lot, but as it is a 700km round trip I don't get there every month. The dates when I will be at upcoming markets are updated when I arrange a stall and listed in the Market Dates section of this site.
I also, after some stubborn and unfounded reluctance (from my Luddite side), opened an online shop on Etsy in 2007. Etsy has a great community of artisans and collectors, and I have been lucky to have met some absolutely lovely people from all around the globe through it. There are links to my Etsy shop in the Where to Buy and Samples sections of this site, one showing work that is currently available on Etsy and one showing pieces that have been sold on Etsy previously. If all is going well there should be a panel to the right of this showing some of the current stock. Occasionally when I can't properly monitor the shop I put it on holiday mode, and then, unfortunately none of the links will show you anything other than the shop homepage informing visitors that I am on vacation. While this sounds like I am sunning myself on a tropical island this is, sadly, very unlikely to be the case; more likely I am off at a market somewhere.

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