Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to work

So, the short holiday is finally over. Well, my brief hiatus from making jewellery ended a few weeks ago, but now that the next market is coming up I actually feel like this is the real end to the holiday. I managed to get quite a lot done in the month I had off, but not everything I was hoping for. We have a new room though! Just not quite finished...
One of the good things about having a break is that it's always refreshing to head back to my little workspace. I've been a bit pressed for time (having not only had a holiday but also having had to take on some paid work - yes, paid! just for novelty!), but I've managed to get a fair amount of new pieces nearly completed so far, and hopefully all shiny and polished by this coming Sunday. Yes, another market at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra, on Sunday 21st August.
Finally, here's a recommendation for anyone in Australia who has access to the ABC iView service (and anyone who can find the show elsewhere): I stumbled across a show last night called "Making it Handmade". For those who enjoy creating things, or are generally interested in the weird world of handmade craft, this programme should have some appeal. I found it quite engaging, and it was fun to hear people talking about their passion for making things, and the motivations that drive them. It's not a show for everyone (definitely not for the prudish!), but I was glad I was flicking through channels at the right moment. For those who are prudish, but want a recommendation anyway, there's also "The Invention of Dr NakaMats" on iView, another show about the satisfaction of creation. Well, I think one could argue that's one element of the show. Actually, if you're really prudish, you might have to look away when the topic turns to Dr NakaMats' Love Jet invention.

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