Friday, June 3, 2011

(A lack of) personal development

Winter has finally officially arrived, but it feels like it's been cold for quite a while already. It's kind of nice, getting to wear coats, cook hearty soup, appreciate cosy kitties who aren't catching lizards and feel kind of adventurous just stepping outside, but then again, I seem to get over it faster and faster each year. Even though I now have quite a nice little studio setup, it's still pretty cold sitting out there for hours on end.
I've been pretty busy nonetheless, managing to get quite a few new pieces made for the next market in Canberra on Sunday June 12th. There has been a bunch of other stuff going on around here too which has been splitting up my time and attention, but I have been a little more diligent than usual in focusing on jewellery making. I'd like to say that this was a sign of personal development, but in reality it's probably because I made a decision to take July off from jewellery to tackle some work on the house which I have been procrastinating over for months, and which I can't avoid any longer. In a way it's a little disappointing not to go to the July market, which will mark one year since our first Old Bus Depot Market stall, but as I say, I can't put off this other business any longer. For one thing, Anna might attack me with a hatchet if I don't start it soon.
So, the next market after June 12 will be in August, though I am planning on being better with my Etsy shop, which has been rather shamefully neglected of late, so new pieces should be posted there in the interim between markets. More personal development required I guess.

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