Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Old times

It's almost time for another market, and I feel like I've only just done one. It feels almost the old days of weekly markets. Actually, it doesn't really feel that bad, but nonetheless the three week gap between the last market and the upcoming one seems very brief.
So, I kind of forgot that I should put up the next market day until now, which is pretty late notice I guess. Anyway, the next stall is on the 10th of April, as usual at the Jewellery Day at the Old Bus Depot Markets. Although I've spent much of the three weeks finishing off our laundry, I have been making jewellery when I could, and have a reasonable number of new pieces for the market. Once again there are some new rabbits, keeping with the Year of the Rabbit vibe, with a skiing rabbit and a skateboarding rabbit pretty much finished. Plus a bunch of other stuff too, some sillier and some less so, as seems to be the usual pattern.

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