Monday, February 21, 2011

Return of the Rabbit

The Rabbit (of the year)

Well, another year rolls around, marking the Return of the Rabbit and the anniversaries of both my sourdough starter and this oft untended blog.
In honour of the warm weather and the generally slower pace of life, we celebrated the season again with another trip to the South Coast of NSW. This time we were really at the northern end of the South Coast, not being so keen on so much travelling in the car, and went to Currarong at the northern end of Jervis Bay. The week preceding our trip was unbearably hot, and we were extremely ready for some time in what was promoted as “the largest rockpool on the south coast of Australia” (or something like that anyway). There was indeed a very capacious rockpool very close to the town (and our accommodation) which we accidentally left until the last morning of our stay to swim in, actually in an attempt to avoid bluebottles, which had invaded our part of the coast the day before. It turned out to be full of the most interesting varieties of fish, and we regretted not having indulged in some snorkelling there earlier. Some other snorkelling highlights of the trip, however, included Lobster Bay, where many fish were admired but no lobsters, and Hare Bay, where we hoped to observe green sea turtles grazing and baby squid nestling in the extensive sea grass meadows (but didn’t) and where Anna was almost nibbled by a small Port Jackson shark.
Lobster Bay: full of life, bereft of lobsters
Hare Bay: one of the most extensive areas of sea grass meadows in NSW, perfect for camouflaging the infamous gummy shark.
For those out there who are interested (and I know there are many from all of the eager correspondents who have written on the subject) I have also managed to finally complete the Step which was the subject of an earlier posting. It now has a timber edging and is tiled with charcoal and marble tiles (in colour terms only; the material is actually glazed ceramic), which continues also through the adjoining laundry/toilet. So, another small but significant step, metaphoric and literal at the same time.
The next Canberra market is still a month away, since I was unable to attend this month. I believe the date for my next stall is Sunday 20th March, and although I haven’t actually booked in at this stage, it can be assumed, if I have not posted anything to the contrary in the interim, that I will be there with a collection of new pieces which will hopefully be of interest to anyone who visits.

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