Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back on the horse

So, having missed the last market opportunity at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra on account of injury, the next one looms ahead on Sunday 19th September. Having had plenty of time on my hands, I've been pretty busy occupying myself with making jewellery, and I'm hoping to have a reasonable selection of new pieces on the day. As always, I had hoped to make more, but it just didn't happen. I still have a few more days though, and have a few more pieces in production.
I've also received the dates for the markets coming up for the end of this year, and for next year, and have put an application in to attend a whole bunch of them. The allocation process goes on for a while yet though, as I understand it, so I don't actually know which ones, if any, I will be able to attend. More to come on this exciting news later.
I would like to be able to write something, anything, interesting that has happened recently, but apart from a bunch of medical stuff, not much has been going on.

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