Sunday, January 31, 2010

End of an era

Well, here we are, the first installment of this blog. Having told several people I would never write a blog I offer them now the opportunity to tell me I was wrong yet again. Don't worry if you miss out, there will be plenty of new chances in the future.
However, my reluctant foray into the 21st century is not the change referred to in the title of this entry. Rather, it alludes to the end of a 12 year tenure at the Glebe Markets in Sydney, me selling my jewellery and Anna selling her leadlight creations. Yes, 12 years! I think so anyway. I prefer to make a rough estimate instead of contemplating it too much. It's been a long time anyway, and the end was quite a protracted affair with a dwindling enthusiasm over the last couple of years. I guess we complained about being there pretty much from our first market, just being inclined to that sort of thing, but over the years we had some good times: some lovely, appreciative customers and some enduring friendships with a few other stallholders. Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to support and encourage us! We had planned a celebration of sorts for our final market, featuring champagne and more champagne and a few visits from friends at the stall. As it happened, however, it was stinking hot on the day of our last market, and we didn't even turn up. Everyone we mentioned this to thought it was a highly appropriate way for our Glebe experience to end.... I guess it's not the most amazing reputation to have developed.
Still, it's all done now and we stayed home and drank the champagne here instead.
Now I have to contemplate new markets for my jewellery. For those who didn't come here through my website or my Etsy shop, the details for these are and . I guess there will be some technical way of having these elsewhere on the blog, which I will try and figure out later. Anyway, hopefully I will from time to time have details of markets which we will be at entered here on this blog, so for anyone interested this will be the place to check to see where our stall might be found around and about New South Wales and possibly further afield. Of course there are also other contact details available through the links above.

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