Wednesday, July 25, 2012

After the break

I've had a couple of months off from the markets, mainly to continue the endless work on our house. Things are moving along! ...but still have a long way to go. I haven't been completely lazy on the jewellery front, since I've had quite a few commissions to work on, and I've rather enjoyed the mix of different work.
One other thing I've really enjoyed is a new anime that started recently, titled Humanity Has Declined. Crunchyroll has it available for viewing here. I am enthralled by it. Its quirky, resigned and humorous attitude to the imminent extinction of humanity is simply wonderful. It's one of those things that I would love to have been a part of creating.
Anyway, my next market at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra is on Sunday 19th August. I'll be dedicating much of the remaining time until then creating more jewellery, and no doubt seeds of inspiration will be provided by Humanity Has Declined.

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