Friday, June 11, 2010

Movement at the station

Well, it took several months, but I've finally this week booked in to two upcoming markets. Actually, the first one, at the Lismore Car Boot Markets on the far north coast of NSW, was booked for me by my sister Geraldine, who will be sharing the stall with me, but I will try and take some credit nonetheless. It's not exactly the market I might have chosen myself, but I am assured that it is a busy, interesting market. I went to it years ago when Anna and I lived up in the area, and always found it a bit claustrophobic, since it's held in an undercover car park. Anyway, it's a start! It's on Sunday 20th June.
The second market is on Sunday 11th July in Canberra, at the Old Bus Depot Markets. It sounds very interesting, and the organisers have been extremely attentive and friendly in my dialogue with them. I have to enter some kind of jewellery enclave at first, as there is a waiting list for jewellery stalls at the main market, so I will have to wait and see how it all operates and whether it is worth making the fairly long trip down to Canberra. Unfortunately, since I am sequestered into the enclave, Anna can't have her glass work at the market. Well, she could, but she would have to have a separate stall in the main section, which she has decided not to bother with this time around.
Anyway, for anyone who knows where both Lismore and Canberra are, they will know that they are an awfully long way apart. Anyone who makes it to both markets gets a lucky door prize and a gold star sticker.


  1. So did anyone win the lucky door prize?

  2. Surprisingly, no one claimed it! It was a real beauty too...


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