Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vacuum in Cyberspace

Although I forgot in December to book in to the January market at the Old Bus Depot Market in Canberra, I've just done so over the phone, and so my next market there will be on Sunday January 16th. The usual Christmas lethargy having been (mostly) overcome, I've been making some pieces already this year, and should have a reasonable amount of stock on display. Some of the new pieces have already been put up on my Etsy page.
I've also decided to see how changing the currency settings on Etsy will work out for me. It used to be the case that all prices were set in US dollars, which made account keeping and completing tax returns kind of laborious as the fluctuating fortunes of the Australian dollar changed the actual amount that made it to me when something was purchased. Now Etsy allows sellers to set various currencies, so mine is now set in Australian dollars. Hopefully it won't actually effect anyone adversely; from what I can see, the main difference is that the price for each piece might look a little odd if viewed in a different currency, and that price might change a little from day to day as the mysterious world of the money market does whatever it does to the value of various types of monies. There is an explanation of how the whole thing is supposed to work for customers on Etsy here.
Anyway, there you go, possibly the most boring thing ever submitted to cyberspace.

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