Friday, October 15, 2010

"Change is as good as a holiday"

That was a saying Anna and I used to say while we worked stuffing envelopes for a medical institute, trying to earn some pennies while we were at university. Ah, happy times! It was mind-numbing work, and to spice up the hours we would change the order we picked pamphlets up in, or shift things around on the table to make a slight difference to the tedium. Our quote amused us enormously, showing how truly damaged our minds had become through the work, and even today one of us will say it for whatever reason, and a giggle of suppressed mania will bubble to the surface.
Anyway, the change for today is that I won't be at the Old Bus Depot Markets on Sunday 21st November, as mentioned last time. I will now be there on Sunday 14th November instead, when the market has a special event called "The Jewel of Canberra", showcasing jewellers from the region. Even though I am technically not really from Canberra (not even in any way actually), when viewed from a galactic perspective I am a certified local.

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  1. Brilliant! I was thrilled to meet you there the first time, so it's nice to know I have another oportunity to raid your wares. :D


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