Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Capital idea

Well, finally back from all the travelling, and from the first two markets in an awfully long time. Actually, my jewellery made an appearance at a third market too, without me in attendance. A very generous person by the name of Beth, a friend of my sister, took some with her to a market in Bangalow while I was up north visiting some of my family. Apart from the fact that I was putting in a path through a rainforest on my parents' property at the time, I had decided not to try out the Bangalow markets because they require stallholders to provide their own public liability insurance. I am uncontrollably infuriated by the idea that I need insurance in order to put up a trestle table with some jewellery sitting on it. Just can't help it, or get over it. But Beth had insurance, and was going to have a stall there anyway, and very kindly did all the work for me and enabled me not to have a coronary over it. Thanks Beth! Your prize for being an Excellent Person is in the mail.
OK, so Lismore Car Boot Markets lived up to my expectations. I did share the stall with my sister, and very much enjoyed spending the many hours yakking about this and that. In contrast, the Old Bus Depot Markets were great! The market itself was a real revelation for our jaded souls, with a wonderful array of interesting and diverse handmade products, and a great atmosphere amongst the visitors, organisers and stallholders alike. I would have liked to have had time to really explore all the stalls, but it turned out that for most of the day I was busy busy busy attending to a very gratifyingly interested and numerous array of customers. John will appreciate it when I say that the DS never came out of the bag, and that I only read a very small amount of my book. All in all I consider it pretty much my most enjoyable market experience.
So, next month I will not be back to Lismore, but I will be back to Canberra. Next stall at the Old Bus Depot Markets is on the 8th of August.
On a different front, I'm hoping to be able to get my act together to send some pieces down to Sydney for the official opening of Sweets Workshop, the brainchild prodigy of my good friends John and Emma. The opening is this weekend, 17th July, and all details of the address and so forth are accessible through the link.

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